Anemia? Iron Deficient? Try Kombu (Kelp)

Ok. We all know that is not exactly the most reliable/legitimate source, but the information provide hear is indeed true. I used this article since it was simple to understand compared to various science journals.

What you can get out of this article is that Kombu or seaweeds contain a high level or iron and would be a great addition to your diet; especially if you are vegetarian.

When it comes to Kelp, the primary introduction seems to be tablets, but try including it as a broth or use strips of Kombu and add it to your beans!

Seaweed is something vegetarians should have a STRONG interest in.

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World renown chef, Eric Ripert,  pleased us when he mentioned “crispy kombu” on  his menu. I wonder how this tastes? Perhaps I will have to set up a trip to check this out…..

Its amazing how a few events can change your career though. Hard work, some luck, and marketability. I  guess he had it all.

“Currently, the menu at the four-star restaurant includes traditional Japanese and Chinese flavours: smoked yellowfin tuna “prosciutto” with Japanese pickled vegetables and CRISPY KOMBU; pan-roasted monkfish with hon-shimeji mushrooms, turnip-ginger emulsion and sake broth; crispy black bass with lup cheong and bean sprout “risotto,”

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For those of you who shop at Whole Foods!

Whole Foods has been the symbol of  a “Health Food” store for many years. As a vendor, I believe that Whole Foods has high standards when evaluating new products.  There 365 Private Label is also amazing. Well now John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods, is taking it to the next level. Please read the article for details. This will only help the US become a healthier nation.

“America’s Burger of the Year by GQ Magazine”

I actually drove by this restaurant a few times but never have gone in….I definitely have to check it out now!

“Adding to its steady stream of acclaim, Umami Burger, a four-location chain in Los Angeles, was cited by GQ magazine’s Alan Richman for America’s Burger of the Year. The secret to owner Adam Fleischman’s triumphant burger is in the name: umami. Otherwise known as the fifth taste, umami is that sapid, meaty flavour derived from glutamate that gives soya sauce and parmesan cheese their savoury goodness. Fleischman puts a twist on his toppings with kombu (seaweed) relish, homemade ketchup and house-made truffle cheese (seaweed, stewed tomatoes and aged cheeses are all packed with umami).”

A different perspective

Hello All,

I have been continuously blogging about the benefits of seaweed, especially KOMBU, but I found read an interesting article I wanted to share with you all. This article actually pertains to our company because our main office is in Osaka, Japan. And of course, we care about the future of our children!

Check it out: