A great way to describe UMAMI

“While it’s a little difficult to describe, food experts suggest you pop a chunk of Parmigiano-Reggiano into your mouth. As you chew, the tastes will intensify and fill your mouth with an incredible richness and fullness of feeling and sensation — a taste that lingers on and on. That incredible length and intensity of taste is umami at work”

Great Article by Napavalleyregister.com!

I was also excite to hear that Kansai (Where we are located) is has the most 3 star Michelin dining beat Tokyo, Paris, and New York!



The Chinese have a extraordinary history of inventions including gun powder, printing, and paper. Another mystic yet effective invention by the Chinese was their original medicine. One of the formulas included in this amazing medicine was Kunbu???  In Japan, we call it Kombu (not much different really) but please look out for this word in the following article! Enjoy!


Kombu and Beautiful Skin.

In Japan, its been said that the long beautiful hair comes from eating kombu. Well, there are some truths to that! The iodine, which is an important component in the synthesis of thyroid hormones, initially triggers the sympathetic nerve. This improves the protein, lipid, and glucide metabolism, which retains beautiful skin, hair, and nails!

Weight Loss

Hello All,

Lets talk about one benefit of eating Kombu.


Yes. A gel-like component called algenic acid and fucoidan are said to slow down the transition of the food going from the stomach tothe intestines. This allows us to feel satisfied for a longer period of time, eliminating the feeling of hunger and increases the amount of nutrients absorbed by the body.

I should have told you this BEFORE your grand thanksgiving meal!

It’s OK though. The key to successful weight loss is being consistent.

Start tomorrow by adding Kombu into your diet.

kombu + beans = less gas?

Did you know kombu helps beans cook faster and renders them more digestible due to the high mineral content. Lets all remember this next time we think about grabbing some beans!