Japanese Superfood

We often see the word “Superfood” on T.V, Magazines, and Radio…almost every media. So, we are going to focus on Japanese superfood “Hijiki”.
In Japan, Hijiki (It’s a type of seaweed!) is eaten simmered with carrots, soy sauce, and other ingredients, but they are so familiar to us, that we don’t often count them as “Superfood”. However, because Hijiki is a traditional food in Japan and known for its richness in fibre, Hijiki is eaten mainly by female.
Also, some people who has an interest in health and beauty recognize this food, and gradually, becoming as new superfood in the States.
“How do I cook this new superfood?”
Well, that’s easy. If it’s dehydrated, leave them in the water until its fully hydrated, and put them in your homemade salad, or stir-fry. Or, you can mix in a mashed potato, or put them in a stew…you can do whatever you want with them!
To check our recipe >> http://www.kurakonusa.com/hijiki/uses_of_hijiki.html%e3%81%8a%e5%bc%81%e5%bd%93%ef%bc%88%e3%81%b2%e3%81%98%e3%81%8d%e7%85%ae%e5%85%a5%e3%82%8a%ef%bc%89