Seaweed Chocolate Bar

Last autumn, The Great and Wonderfun Sea of Change Trading Co. have made premium chocolate bar using “deeply nourishing and mineral-rich” seaweed. This company has been dealing with seaweed, and found cocoa and seaweed, a suitable combination.
According to the article ,
( this product “offers the best of both worlds — land and sea”, and it is made from
Nori,Dulse and Wakame.
The manufacturer says that the children would love the chocolate. It seems that young people are ready to accept the new trends.
We have mentioned the chocolate using Kombu made in Japan, and this “wave” may have influenced the trend of USA.

Speaking of Snacks rich in minerals, why don’t you try our Seaweed Crisps? It’s healthier than a Chocolate, and also you could enjoy its crispy texture!!

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