Here we come, Seaweed-Gin!

Alcohol beverage and Seaweed?
I guess you can easily imagine that liquor goes very well with fruit (Orange and cherry for cocktail, and mint for mojito, for instance).
Seaweed may be used in a same way in the near future.
In the previous article, we have introduced you the beer that used Kombu to add Umami ( Umami of Kombu enhanced the taste of beer, and made it fairly healthy.
This time, The Telegraph ( introduced “Seaweed Gin”, made in Wales. Gin contains Botanicals, such as lavender and coriander, botanicals that we hardly taste in our daily diet. However, Da Mihile Distillery, the Welsh alcohol beverage maker added 3 types of seaweed including laver, to the original Botanicals.
Can you imagine the flavour?
According to the owner, this gin “still smells like a true gin, but has a whiff of the seaside, a ‘salty air’ quality”.
And then after the “Seaweed Gin”, Edinburgh Gin ( also made “Seaside Gin”, containing few types of seaweed “to lend the gin a slightly sweet yet refreshingly minerally taste”.

Seaweed was eaten by Irish and Scottish, just like Japanese for a long time, but apparently they have new way of using seaweed in the U.K.
Speaking of munchies, Kombu meatball goes well with alcohol beverage. Why don’t you try our Kombu meatball recipe? (

gin and tonic / Global Jet