New invensions to the ways of eating seaweed

Whats the first thing that came into your mind when you hear “Seaweed”?. If slimy or gloss is your answer, that idea is changing.
This trend of using seaweed in a diet started from restaurants and now, According to The Guardian (
, TESCO has a “stock [of] fresh, edible seaweed, selling 80g punnets of tagliatelle-like sea spaghetti, harvested on the Cornish coast, for £2”, called “Sea Spaghetti”.
Seaweed is known as a food that contains rich in Calcium, Vitamins, and Minerals, however, I think you still do not have a specific idea how to make a meal with seaweed. Probably, the only image you had for edible seaweed was the Nori (the black seaweed), wrapped around Japanese cuisine, Sushi, wasn’t it? This edible, fresh seaweed “Sea Spaghetti” has rich flavour, and not only healthy but it also adds the colour to the meal.
Surprising to us Japanese, some people compare dulse with bacon (yes, that piece of meat you bake on top of your toast), because of its “smoky richness”. And they are suggesting using seaweed in tomato sauces, soups and stews, and vegetable curries, and many more. This article suggests using this “Sea Spaghetti” on paella by “crumbling dried [and] toasted”. Also,
If you had no idea how to start your healthy seaweed life, how about trying healthy seaweed salad using our product? Here’s the link! (

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