Umami chocolate using kombu seaweed

Its bit late but we are going to talk about Valentine’s Day, because who doesn’t like candy?? So in all over the world, Valentine’s Day is usually a day for lover, but here in Japan, it’s the day people give out chocolates for friends and lover. Every time of this year, many media and department tries to bring up the hype for Valentine’s Day.

Many Chocolate brands come out with new chocolate but this year; the buzz was taken by chocolate made by famous Chocolatier, called DNA chocolate.

This Chocolatier believes that “First thing you tasted when you first came into this world, must be the key for making people want to grab more”. Based on his believe, he came up with chocolate filled with Umami, which is filled in breast milk. Breast milk contains same Umami that kombu seaweed have called glutamic acid. To replicate this breast milk, Ma-kombu seaweed were used.

Ma-kombu seaweed that was used for this chocolate is known for its rich sweetness. I’m sure Ma-kombu matched sweet and bitter chocolate flavor. (For more details of characteristics of Kombu seaweed, click here→Characteristics of Different Kombu Seaweed and its History) This DNA chocolate has won many prizes including gold prize for world biggest chocolate convention. This chocolate may have triggered judges’ nostalgia and Umami in the chocolate.

Just like chocolate have many varieties from white chocolate to dark chocolate, kombu seaweed have many varieties as well. Valentine’s Day maybe over, but if you can use kombu seaweed into daily meal, you may be able to find love of your life!

Chocolates from the Winchester Cocoa Co / Fareham Wine