Kombu beer

Kombu is usually used for food to add umami and depth to the dish, but it’s not only food dishes you need umami. Beverage needs some umami too

A local brewery in Maine, U.S.A, Marshall Wharf Brewing Co. is brewing beer out of local cultivated kombu seaweed. This brewer believes that by using kombu seaweed, they can brew tasty beer using umami. Moreover, you can intake all the minerals and goodies and they want to make this their local symbol.

Let’s look at Japan where kombu seaweed is used everywhere, rooting to their culture. In Japan, it is not unusual to eat kombu seaweed to go with beer, but it is not easy to find kombu beer. But, it’s too early to assume that it doesn’t exist. Though it’s not known to many, there is brewer in Japan using kombu seaweed extract. Just like what the brewer in Maine thought, they claim that their beer has umami and depth than other regular beer.

Kombu is versatile superfood ingredient that can be used for anything, not only for the food but to the beverage. Let’s get umami to your diet and umami in you.