Kombu seaweed and dried bonito flakes get together for wedding

Just by looking at the title, you guys probably have no idea what I am talking so let me explain a little. Wakkanai city in Hokkaido where their local specialty is kombu, and Makurazaki city in Kagoshima, where their local specialty is bonito is having a wedding as a part of their promotion.

Kombu seaweed and bonito are both a building block and imperative ingredients of Washoku (Japanese cuisine) as they are used for dashi soup stock. It’s a scientifically proven and widely known fact that when kombu seaweed and bonito are used together, their umami is enhanced exponentially. Both cities have used this characteristic and use it as a promotion opportunity when Washoku got enlisted to UNESCO’s World Intangible Heritage. Bonito from Makurazaki proposed kombu seaweed and wed on February 19th at Izumo Shrine, where Japans one of most famous shrine.

Japanese Washoku and Japanese dashi is re-evaluated as it got enlisted on World Intangible Heritage. Please try umami-filled dashi that are perfect for each other that makes them married together.

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