Kombu seaweed and Beauty

If you read this blog, I think you guys are well aware that kombu seaweed is super food due to its taste and health effect. But kombu seaweed is also good for your beauty too.
Many probably have experienced skin trouble caused by work stress, insufficient sleep time and such. Of course, daily skin care is important, but what you eat could help you get better skin and kombu seaweed can help.

Calcium, a known nutrient for generating healthy teeth and bones but it’s also an important nutrient for your skin. Calcium is said to helps metabolism of your skin and keeps it moisturized.

Most people probably drinks milk in order to meet your calcium needs but now on, kombu seaweed can be your substitute. Though it depends on species of kombu, kombu seaweed contains 3 to 8 times more calcium* of milk. (*Source: Japan Food Database 2010). For those who can’t take milk due to their likes and dislikes, vegans, and lactose intolerant, kombu seaweed can replenish your calcium with umami rich foods and maintain healthy and beautiful body.

Kombu seaweed is also rich in Vitamin B2 which helps you maintain healthy skin. It also depends on species of kombu seaweed, but Hidaka kombu, a highest Vitamin B2 content seaweed contains 0.6mg per 100g. (Source: Japan Food Database 2010) That’s 35% of daily value.
Kombu seaweed is easy to include in your diet and can be used in various ways for every day to keep your healthy body and skin. Just keep in mind that balanced diet is the key in a healthy meal and don’t rely too much on certain foods.

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