Kombu and sweets fusion seeks for new possibility in kombu seaweed

Earlier in this blog, I wrote that Toyama prefecture in Japan has Japan’s highest kombu seaweed consumption and has many unique use to it. But this time, there is a city using kombu seaweed to promote them.

Takaoka city in Toyama prefecture was long used and flourished for hub port for kombu seaweed trading as it was in the middle of kombu road. Takaoka city commerce and industry association collaborated with local restaurants and provided with set menu called Takaoka kombu dish.

This promotion went well and they decided to come up with more menus, naming Takaoka kombu sweets. I have said many times that Kombu is used for basis of Japanese cuisine, but it’s rare to see kombu used as a sweets. Lists of kombu sweets the city came up with included food such as kombu cookie, parfait, gelato and bagel.
There are more than 20 restaurants that offer kombu sweets and all of them are mixed with kombu’s saltiness and sweetness.
Kombu is not only basis of Japanese cuisine but can be used in dessert, Western cuisine and has many possibilities. Please try using kombu to not only traditional food but to new dishes too.