2014 Food Trends

Now that 2013 is over, people are starting to talk about what is going to be hot and trending in 2014 and I know all the trendsetters reading this wants to know what those are.
On Daily News Newspaper, which is in New York and America’s 4th published newspaper, had a article about what the food trend is going to be like in 2014.
In 2014, writer believed that, though already popular, healthy food gain more popularity and will be in high needs and seaweed made the list of food trend. It said that the seaweed will gain popularity not just for sushi, but as a snack food and an umami-rich seasoning such as dashi, seaweed salad and soup. It maybe because umami filled in kombu seaweed helped enlistment of Washoku in UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage.
Let’s use kombu seaweed and Seaweed Salad on the GO to get ahead of trend!

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