Washoku to be enlisted in UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage

You might have noticed that since last year, we have a page dedicated for Washoku: Traditional Dietary cultures of the Japanese. Since 2011, Japanese government has been working on making Japanese food to be enlisted for intangible world heritage. The other day, UNESCO held a review panel for December’s convention. At the review panel, Washoku was provisionally approved for submission.
This Recommendation by review panel held a strong power at the convention, and the recommendation have never been turned down.
Washoku have been used as a mean to create sense of community, health and Japanese government hopes this enlistment will help spread Japanese food culture understandings and cultural diversity with creativity.
Regarding this news, we are renewing a page we have. A new Washoku page will include more detail and information of Umami.
We will continue spreading this wonderful Japanese food to world.