New Seaweed Salad on the GO!

We are announcing Seaweed Salad on the GO with new package and 2 new flavors. Seaweed Salad on the GO was originally launched with sesame soy flavor, but due to popular demand for healthier product, we are launching gluten free option.
New flavors are, “Miso & Hijiki” and “Apple vinegar & Garlic”. Miso & Hijiki uses miso, a traditional Japanese ingredient, with hijiki seaweed filled with minerals, fibers, and iron. Miso’s deep flavor goes well with crisp texture of seaweeds.
Apple vinegar & Garlic is not only gluten free, but no oil used, no sugar added. It uses sweetness from apple cider vinegar so it’s perfect for people who are concerned about diet.
Both of the new flavors still have the original seaweed salads texture, nutrients.
With new flavors rolling out, we renewed the package design. We modified the package material from plastic to eco-friendly paper package. It’s not only easy to tell the flavors by the color, it’s easier to carry and dispose
Please try out our new Seaweed Salad on the GO, whether you have tried original sesame soy, or wanted to try but never tried due to gluten free diet. Seaweeds contain a lot of mineral that are helpful for people who is on vegetarian diet.