Why is Ocean Water not Packed in Umami?

Just soaking kombu seaweed in the water for a while makes water turns into magic water filled with umami and minerals. Thus, kombu seaweed is often called the king of seaweed. However, have you wonder if kombu seaweed turns water into dashi stock, why ocean never turns into delicious, mild water, instead of plain salt water?

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It’s because when kombu seaweeds are still flickering in the ocean, they are still alive. Not just kombu seaweeds, but all the living matter have function in the body that takes in nutrients that is necessary to grow, and not letting them out, called selective permeability. Glutamic acid, basis of umami taste, is necccesary nutrient for kombu seaweed to grow. Therefore, it will store in its body over the years, condensing all the umami.

Kombu seaweed that was sun dried condenses rich nutrient and umami that was stored over the year, making each ingredients full flavored meal. Piece of dashi kombu strip is delivered to your with great care and time.

Maybe, if enough large amount of sun-dried kombu seaweed are thrown back in ocean, salt water may turn in to mild and full of umami.