Umami in Medical Research

Earlier in this blog, we have introduced an approach in United Kingdom to make hospital food tastes better though using less sodium, but merit of utilizing umami in hospital is not only that. Hospitals in Japan are using umami-rich kombu tea to cure dry mouth caused by aging and medical side effect. When Umami reaches its receptor, saliva production will be enhanced and will stay in the mouth longer than any other basic tastes.

Moreover, there are researches going on that Umami is effective for Alzheimer’s. Tohoku university hospital in Japan did experiment to switch their 11 of their alzheimer’s patients to meal with more umami. Result came out that their facial expression improvement has been seen in all 11 of their patients and 7 of them started to talk.

In everyday life, you are preventing many different diseases to fight off; just like old saying “you are what you eat.” Taking in Umami in your daily diet, not only healps you prevent disease but makes dishes multiple times better.