Reusing kombu seaweed

Kombu seaweed is used by many as a basis and to extract hint of Japanese cuisine in form of dashi stock and many other ways. However, not many people know that kombu seaweed that has been used once for dashi stock still holds plenty of umami and nutrition in it and can be used. By keeping it in freezer, dashi that has been used can be stored for long time. When the dashi kombu seaweed gets piled up, it can be used as a food ingredients such as kombu dressing, kombu chips. Re-using kombu seaweed is not only economical, but also ecological by reducing the waste from household and can enjoy all the health benefits.

We, Kurakon Foods Corporation, have been using kombu seaweeds that has been grown with blessing of natured and we try to maintain environment. As part of sustainable business model, we promote reducing waste and inventing eco-friendly recipes building awareness to public. Reusing kombu can only be a good thing for economical, ecology, health. Here are the few recipes using used kombu. It’s easy to make and healthy so feel free to try.

Non-oil kombu seaweed chips

Serving size 2~3 person


Used kombu     1 oz (30g)


1. Cut used kombu into inch size

2. Wipe all the unnecessary water on kombu with paper towel

3. Place kombu seaweed on microwavable flat plate

4. Microwave for 20 second with 600W

*When kombu seaweed is microwaved for too long, it can be charred.

*It may make some noise during microwave. It’s the sounds of bubbles in kombu seaweed

Kombu seaweed dressing

Serving size: 3~4 person


Used kombu seaweed                 1oz (30g)

Olive oil                                         2tbl spoon

Vinegar                                         4tbl spoon

Salt                                                 1tbl spoon

Sugar                                             1tbl spoon

Pepper                                          dash of pepper


1. Put vinegar, salt, and sugar into a bowl and stir it well

2. Mince used kombu seaweeds.

3. Add minced kombu seaweeds into a bowl

4. Add Pepper to adjust the flavor