Entrance exam season and food

It’s the  season of entrance exam in Japan in February. People in Japan needs to pass the entrance exam in Japan in order to attend high school and college, even some kindergarten requires entrance exam. For college entrance exam, there are standardized exam and individual exam and applicant must take both exam and pass. Unlike American universities, you can only take exam once. If one doesn’t get into desired university, it is not rare to find applicant to wait for next year’s exam, not attending any college. Since whole life could depend on your test scores, people used good luck charm to help get better grades. Now days, many food companies tries to sell their products toward test takers using puns. Kombu seaweed is the perfect ingredient for auspicious puns and has been used for many decades. However, not only auspicious they can help regain your energy and stay focused.

Kombu seaweed has following efficacies.

  • Relieve fatigue – Kombu seaweed is rich in vitamin B1 and B2 that help the nervous system function properly, and are needed for good brain function. They are sometime called anti-stress vitamin because it may improve the ability to withstand stressful conditions.
  • Help you have a quick mind- Alginic acid is said to help you get agile.
  • Reduced mood swing – Some says calcium can help reduce mood swings and kombu seaweed contains 7 times more calcium than milk

In our company, we have chewy snack Kombu seaweed that is easy to consume and helps you stay alert by chewing. Sadly it is not on sale outside of Japan, but Seaweed Salad on the go contains kombu and can be prepared in 5 minutes anywhere or anytime.