Seaweeds in the UK

Few weeks earlier, there was the news that first license to sell, and harvest seaweeds were given to a man from government in the United Kingdom. They hold many coastal areas and able to harvest and more than 650 seaweeds exists in their economic water. However, not many types of seaweed were eaten in the UK. As the traditional seaweed delicacy, laverbread exists but many do not eat often or avoid it due to its image of poverty. Though, as the Japanese food got popular and got the support from general public, seaweed became more common to them. As people started eating seaweeds, their image started to change into something healthy.

Laverbread Oatcakes topped with Soft Goats Cheese & Laverbread / Girl Interrupted Eating

Seaweeds are not only rich in mineral but enhances flavor of the dish. In fact England’s renowned celebrity chef and owner for “Fat Duck”, Heston Blumenthal was assigned for project in National Health Service to make the hospital food better and proposing them to use seaweeds in the dishes to add meaty flavor. A meal time is one of the few pleasures for patients but often times; seasonings are too weak due to the health concerns. To fix this problem, Blumenthal recommended adding seaweeds such as kombu seaweeds to enhance the flavors and umami not adding any sodium. By using nature made ingredients filled with glutamate, making it possible to serve healthy dinner that actually tastes good for patients. This project is still on an experimental stage and is used in few NHS hospitals but initial reaction of patients went well. If this project succeeds on running an everyday meal, it will be applied to all of the NHS hospital in all over the United Kingdom.

I hope to take this opportunity for people in The UK to try out more seaweeds and enjoy the health and flavor benefits from it.