Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is the Thanksgiving day in America. It’s the day all the family members and friends gather and have reunion with traditional food such as turkey, apple pie, mash potato, and casserole. Many of you probably experienced eating too much food and next day, you gain weight, or too lazy to go Black Friday shopping.

Kombu seaweed is the effective ingredient for relieving fatigue, help you digest food and prevent fat to absorb in your system, and add umami (savory taste) in your dish. With using kombu seaweed, you could welcome your friends from far away after those long drive, and replenish their appetite.

For example, add kombu dashi stock to regular chicken bouillon when making bean casserole. In Japanese food, kombu is often paired with beans to help digest them.

If you are having vegetarian friends or relatives to your house over, you could serve them tofurkey made with tofu. Originally Tofu was used in Japanese food and it has been used with kombu seaweed as a pair. Kombu is vegan friendly food and is appreciated by them for them to. You could use kombu for stuffing wild rice in your tofurkey. Before stuffing them in, cook wild rice with dashi water and can add saddle savory taste in it. You could also arrange it with your taste using left over turkey

our unpardoned turkey! / Jeff Sandquist

Im sure there are people who go lining up to cue to get your Black Friday and get ready for shopping spree weekend through Cyber Monday, prepare yourself with kombu umami jolt.