Using kombu to extract umami for cocktail becoming a new trend.

News site for all the dining and drinking information,, published article about experimental cocktail explores for savory recently.

In the article, it talked about how some bartender and distiller are trying to make cocktail and hard liquor into something like a wine. Most cocktail that exists do not match well with food. Those people thought by finding a similar factor with food and cocktail makes it more compatible and came up with cocktail such as kombu seaweed. Hard liquor usually contains a high alcohol but by emphasizing on savory taste, it will taste much better with certain dish.

On another article from tastingtable, they introduced Chicago restaurant serving martini drink using kombu seaweed instead of salt lines to add some umami punch.

Kombu seaweed pairs well with alcohol drinks and often served as dish to go with it. It’s not mixed in a cocktail but kombu seaweed does go well with alcohol drink and dish using kombu is often served with alcohol.

Japanese delight products are easy to make and delicious, perfect to go with alcohol too!