Substitute for all the cooking water??

Recently, Japanese national network morning TV show was featuring kombu seaweed as a topic of the day for the way to beat the heat. As I talked many times in this blog, the show talked about how kombu seaweed is good for your health and beauty such as rich in minerals, helps avoid absorbing fattening content of the food, protecting your skin from UV rays and so on.

What intrigued me in the show was the use of dashi-kombu seaweed. Dashi-kombu is used to make kombu soup stock and they introduced using a kombu water, water with kombu in it for convenience. All you need to prepare is 10g (0.35oz) of shredded kombu and1 litter (1qt) of water. Dunk in shredded kombu in the water and Voila! It’s all set to use it in your cooking. It lasts for a week by keeping it in the fridge so you don’t have to hassle each time with kombu before you start cooking. Kombu water can be used in any food recipe as a substitute of regular water. Dashi stock using kombu seaweeds are must-have ingredients in Japanese cuisine. People usually have to prepare dashi stock right before they start cooking each time, but with having a kombu water, you could use stored kombu water that was prepared prior to the cooking. Since preparing dashi stock right before cooking is unnecessary, you may use it in any situation and as a substitute for the water. kombu water will enhance your dishes savory with kombu seaweed’s umami taste on top of the health benefits. The uses are not only for Japanese food, it can be used in anything and it will enhance umami (savory taste) of the food.

With this kombu water, you can use the same kombu seaweed twice and used kombu can be used are edible just like all the other dashi kombu. Kombu water is very economical way of making food tastes better by reusability and edible after finish using.
When you have finished using kombu seaweed, the who introduced a ways to reuse it. One of the recipes was mixing it with olive oil and uses it as a multi-purpose sauce. In the show, they used it as a cooking oil, salad dressing and topping. The other way was using it by putting it in the vinegar to make the taste of vinegar less pungent and mellow.
This kombu water is very easy to make, convenient use, tasty and healthy use of dashi kombu seaweed. Try it at your house and discover your favorite recipes.