Miracle of Seaweed on NPR

NPR talks about seaweed and hijiki in the kitchen window titled “Just Add water: the miracle of seaweed.”

It talks about how crispy nori seaweed is popular among young health conscious child for its umami and long shelf life with rich in mineral. Article talks about iodine, vitamins and other essential trace minerals used by the body, and its starchy phycocolloids aid in removing heavy metals from our systems. This author talks how to cook different parts of seaweed in cooking style in traditional Japanese way and hot to get ingredients from local groceries store.

toasted nori snack / miheco

Speaking of just adding water, product we sell right now in the US, Seaweed on the Go, can be cooked just by adding water. Indeed, it is truly a miraculous product.

Anyways, head to the local organic grocery store or Asian market and make this sesame nori crisps and many other seaweed recipes. They don’t sell those in Japan so I need to go make one for myself too!