How much is first class dashi kombu seaweed?

Kombu seaweed has so many different uses and depending on that, use and price of kombu varies too. Then what’s the highest price dashi-kombu? Top-notch dash-kombu is said to be natural Rausu-kombu that is cultivated in mid July. This year, cultivation of Rausu kombu started on July 15th.

Rausu kombu only grows in certain area of Hokkaido region and has a characteristic of bigger kelp and richer dashi stock and said to be the “King of kombu seaweed”

Most of natural Rausu kombu goes to high-class Japanese restaurants and rarely reaches the market. Where I found one site that handle top-rated kombu seaweed, reservation is needed and not all of them can get one due to uncertainty of kombu seaweed yield. By now, all the reader is probably wondering “So what is the price!” natural Rausu kombu is 2700yen per kelp and weight about 130g (4.58oz). Now, you might feel 2700 yen just for a soup stock is over priced but they can be used couple times and eat at the end, making it economical.
We, Kurakon, will continue to provide consistent quality kombu-seaweed that does not to be outdone by natural Rausu kombu to customer.

Oarweed / La.Catholique