beat the heat with kombu seaweed!

As the season get in to a height of summer, temperature getting really high in both US and Japan. Just standing in the outside right now makes me sweat, and even inside the house is steaming hot like sauna. Every year of this season, news reports always tell us how many people get heat injuries both outdoor and indoor. Due to high interest of public, many products regarding salty food is huge market right now in Japan such as Salt candy, or anything with extra salt added. Our company has been selling shio-kombu for long time and many people use it to countermeasure heat injury. Shio komb is made by cutting kombu kelp into squares or thin strips lengthwise before boiling in water, soy sauce, mirin, and sugar, and finally sprinkling seasoning such as salt and eaten with rice usually. Shio kombu is versatile product that can be used in many occasion, such as adding it to water, cooking, making pickles and more. It can be carry around with everywhere you go. Shio kombu Seaweed is packed with iodine, vitamins and other essential trace minerals used by the body, and its starchy phycocolloids aid in removing heavy metals from our body systems.

I hope all of you guys stay cool and enjoy your summer!