Eat Fiber, Live Longer

Fiber has long been seen as a key component of health.

Although I have concentrated more on associating fiber with dieting, this article mentioned another benefit of consuming fiber.

“High-fiber diet reduces the risks of death from cardiovascular, infectious and respiratory diseases.”

Now, this is a great article, but it has one major mistake…..


For your information, I posted the per 100 gram comparison of KOMBU to the items mentioned in the article.

Please take a look……

Anemia? Iron Deficient? Try Kombu (Kelp)

Ok. We all know that is not exactly the most reliable/legitimate source, but the information provide hear is indeed true. I used this article since it was simple to understand compared to various science journals.

What you can get out of this article is that Kombu or seaweeds contain a high level or iron and would be a great addition to your diet; especially if you are vegetarian.

When it comes to Kelp, the primary introduction seems to be tablets, but try including it as a broth or use strips of Kombu and add it to your beans!

Seaweed is something vegetarians should have a STRONG interest in.

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