“America’s Burger of the Year by GQ Magazine”

I actually drove by this restaurant a few times but never have gone in….I definitely have to check it out now!

“Adding to its steady stream of acclaim, Umami Burger, a four-location chain in Los Angeles, was cited by GQ magazine’s Alan Richman for America’s Burger of the Year. The secret to owner Adam Fleischman’s triumphant burger is in the name: umami. Otherwise known as the fifth taste, umami is that sapid, meaty flavour derived from glutamate that gives soya sauce and parmesan cheese their savoury goodness. Fleischman puts a twist on his toppings with kombu (seaweed) relish, homemade ketchup and house-made truffle cheese (seaweed, stewed tomatoes and aged cheeses are all packed with umami).”